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Masjid al-Haram

Masjid al-Haram, the world's
largest mosque in Mecca.

A vast sea of sand (and oil), Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam and today is bounded by Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait to the north, Qatar to the east, the United Arab Emirates and Oman to the southeast, and by Yemen to the south.

With travel warnings issued by most Western governments in recent years, most travel to Saudi Arabia has been advised against until further notice.

Add to that traditionally restrictive travel rules set by the Saudi government -- and a booked guided tour becomes a necessity for conveniently seeing major attractions.

For now, a virtual tour will have to suffice.

Below, check out top travel sites with expert knowledge of the country and its culture, art & history, along with pictures, video clips and photo presentations of what awaits in Saudi Arabia - at least until it becomes stable enough for Westerners to visit safely.

More about Saudi Arabia tourism around the Web:

Saudi Arabia travel guide - Wikitravel entry with 'been there' advice on what to see, recommended restaurants, overview of travel restrictions and obtaining visas, how to stay safe and practical travel & safety tips.

Saudi Arabia Travel Information - Here's the Lonely Planet guide with information on top attractions including Mecca, Habalah and more with maps & travel photos, related links.

Mecca - Learn more about the center of the Islamic world in stunning photos and an engaging narrative on its history, with additional notes on the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Jeddah.

Madain Saleh - The 'must see' attraction of any visit to Saudi Arabia, check out photos and background information on the more than 100 ancient tombs and dwellings carved into the sandstone mountainside.

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