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Seoul, South Korea
Seoul cityscape

South Korea Travel Fast Facts

Getting there: regular flights from major cities to Seoul's Incheon International Airport.
What to see:
Seoul, Seoraksan National Park, Andong, Busan, Jeju Island
Currency: Won
Official language(s):

A strong, independent spirit and deeply rooted traditions are what sets South Korea apart from its larger neighbors.

Separated from Japan by the Sea of Japan and from China by the Yellow Sea, this small country of less than 50 million people is also big on attracting visitors worldwide to its spectacular natural beauty.

Of course, for most travelers, the main jumping-off point is the capital city of Seoul, with its own unique attractions and cosmopolitan comforts. Seoul's combination of modern and traditional is seen in its skyline, where steel and glass vie for attention with lovingly preserved landmarks of etched stone and intricate woodcarving.

Reaching the most popular Seoul tourist attractions is as easy as taking the extensive Seoul subway system.

Make your way downtown for Seoul's major cultural attractions including the Five Grand Palaces for a look back at the centuries-old Joseon Dynasty or for pleasant strolls through one of six Seoul city parks.

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Seoraksaon National Park
The peaks, valleys, and pristine pine
forests of Seoraksan National Park.

With kids in tow, also see Seoul in full play-mode with a trip to Lotte World, its largest and most popular amusement park.

On longer stays, travel north for a spectacular tour of scenic Seoraksan National Park. Or, head south to Andong where folk villages present opportunities for savoring traditional foods and entertainment by costumed reenactors. In October, the nearby Hahoe Maeul Folk Village features the exciting and colorful Mask Dance festival, also not to be missed.

Further south along the coast, also check out South Korea's second largest metropolis, Busan, a bustling port city where today the U.N. Cemetery attracts thousands of visitors paying homage to fallen soldiers during the Korean War.

While in Busan, take the elevator ride up soaring Busan Tower for a full city view before heading off to nearby Jeju Island - where spectacular waterfalls and idyllic beaches vie with natural flora and fauna. It arguably makes Jeju Island the most fascinating and stunningly beautiful spot in all of South Korea.

DID YOU KNOW? South Korea Travel Fun Facts

Open all night ....

• Need to update your Facebook status? No problem. Free, fast wifi is available almost everywhere in South Korea.

• In South Korea, drinking in public is 100% legal. In addition, there is no law that says when liquor can't be served after a certain hour, or when bars have to close. So party as late as you want!

• You'll also find shops and department stores open later than usual with closing times at around 11PM. Of course, you'll also find many South Korean restaurants and bars open all night (see above).

• Dining out in Korean restaurants, you'll want to try the kimchi. It is a very popular Korean side dish of pickled vegetables made with Chinese cabbage, cucumbers or radish but also comes in a hundred of other varieties.

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