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b complex vitaminsB Complex Fast Facts

Foods: meat, liver, fish, poultry, eggs, cereal grains, milk, legumes, and fresh vegetables

Nutritional & health benefits: good appetite, vision, healthy skin and nervous system, red blood cell formation, as well as a serious disease fighter in various research studies.

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Read up on the latest research and learn more about why B vitamins are being promoted for treating stress, diabetes, heart disease, lung cancer and more along with information on B vitamin-rich foods and recommended daily allowances ...

Vitamin B complex is a combination of the eight different kinds of vitamin B (see above.)

Vitamin B complex is an ideal supplement for those looking to garner health benefits from vitamin B because while the many forms of vitamin B are similar, they do have some notable differences.

If you do take vitamin B complex supplements, here are a few of the health benefits you could enjoy:

  • An important benefit of vitamin B is as a preventative measure against the development of lung and pancreatic cancer. In one study, researchers demonstrated that smokers reduced their risk of developing either of these deadly cancers when they got sufficient vitamin B.

  • Many of the different varieties of vitamin B have been shown to prevent the development of heart disease. Despite what many people think, clogged arteries and high cholesterol are actually symptoms, not causes, of heart disease. One of the big causes of heart disease is high levels of homocysteine, an amino acid found in the body. Sufficient amounts of vitamin B can reduce levels of homocysteine in the body and in turn reduce the chance of developing heart disease and all the serious health problems that come with heart disease.

  • Several of the variants of vitamin B are used as a treatment for depression, and vitamin B complex combines many of these benefits, making it one of the best vitamins to take for those experiencing depression.

To get proper amounts of vitamin B complex, a variety of foods must be eaten because many foods will contain a lot of one kind of vitamin B but not all that much of another kind. Generally though, many meats typically contain high amounts of the various kinds of vitamin B, and liver is usually particularly high in the different variants of vitamin B.

Vegans should take note that vitamin B12, an important kind of vitamin B, is extremely difficult to get in sufficient amounts from plants. If you have an aversion to eating meat, dairy, and eggs, you should consider supplements or vitamin B fortified foods.

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