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Foods: Whole grains, cheese, meat, broccoli, peas, beans

Nutritional & health benefits: insulin & diabetes control, maintaining healthy levels of good cholesterol, possible weight loss aid

Chromium is an essential mineral for maintaining health and has many uses and applications in the human body. For instance, there is a great deal of research that suggests that chromium is beneficial to those with impaired glucose tolerance.

Impaired glucose tolerance, which is a precursor to type 2 diabetes for about 25% of those who acquire it, is a state in between the glucose levels of diabetes and normal glucose levels. A meta-analysis of 15 different studies on the relationship between chromium and impaired glucose tolerance found that 12 of the 15 studies showed a positive effect.

chromium in broccoli and green beans
Foods high in chromium include broccoli,
green beans, and whole grains.

Both type 2 diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance are closely linked to the cardiovascular system, and so it is believed that chromium also has a related number of positive effects on circulation.

Although researchers have not come to any sort of consensus to date, many believe that chromium affects cholesterol levels especially by reducing bad forms of cholesterol and maintaining healthy levels of good cholesterol.

Two other highly touted benefits of chromium include weight loss and increased muscle mass. While there is sound theory behind both of these claims, the reality is that there is no firm evidence as yet to suggest that chromium has any effect on either losing weight or "bulking up".

For those looking for foods which contain high levels of chromium, there is actually a surprisingly small amount of research in this area. However, of those foods tested, broccoli, common spices, green beans and whole grain products all have high levels of chromium.

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