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Vanadium Fast Facts

Foods: seafood, cereals, mushrooms, parsley, corn, soy

Nutritional & health benefits: studies indicate possible use in aiding athletic performance, glucose metabolism, and blood pressure

Intriguing animal studies show indications that vanadium may be a boon to normalizing glucose levels, enhancing athletic performance, and lowering blood pressure. However, beneficial effects have yet to be conclusively proven in human studies.

Vanadium, which is known as V on the periodic table, is a trace mineral that is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Vanadium is a kind opposite of molybdenum, which is another trace mineral that it works in tandem with. Together, the two minerals help keep each other in check and provide several health benefits.

One of the most common uses of vanadium is as a supplement for body builders. The claim is not widely accepted, however, and there also aren't any scientific studies to back the claim up, so whether or not vanadium provides health benefits to body builders remains to be seen.

Vanadium has also been tested as a treatment for diabetes. In many animal studies as well as a few human studies, it has been found that vanadium helped to reduce blood sugar levels and also increased insulin sensitivity in those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

There have also been animal studies which show that vanadium can lower blood pressure. This is a promising lead for future research, but because no human studies have been done, there simply isn't enough data available to make the claim that it lowers blood pressure in humans.

There might also be some potential health benefits provided by vanadium for those with bipolar disorder. Researchers believe that when people are in the manic state of bipolar disorder their vanadium levels are significantly elevated, which means that a diet which reduces vanadium intake may actually be beneficial to those with bipolar disorder.

On the Web, surf around for more information on vanadium, an ultra-trace element with possibilities...

More information about vanadium around the Web:

PubMed - Vanadium - Broad overview reporting food sources as the main exposure point to vanadium in the general population, with estimated daily intake and mention of studies indicating vanadium in association with improved glucose metabolism.

Vanadium & Molybdenum DRI/RDA - Good overview of vanadium's action on the cellular level with more on related research and clinical trials, toxicity and negative side effects, food sources and recommended dietary intake.


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