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A view of Sula vineyards in Nashik,
about a 2-hour drive from Mumbai.

India's wine culture stretches back to the dawn of history.

Soma, the ambrosial liquor considered to be the ‘elixir of immortality’. is mentioned in Vedic scriptures, and the earliest visitors to India were treated to wines that rivaled anything produced in Europe.

Later, the same 19th century blight that threatened the crops in France also decimated the Indian wine regions.

Today, notable wineries cover a large swath of the subcontinent beginning with Karnataka and Maharashtra (the latter home to India's largest wine producing areas, Nashik, India's Napa Valley) as leading producers.

Other important regions under vine include Himachal, Kashmir, and coastal Goa. Further south, another important emerging Indian wine region is found in the Nandi Hills near Bangalore where Grover Vineyards are producing some of India's most popular wines.

These India's regions are helping return Indian wines to the tables of the subcontinent, but the road to success has not been easy. Domestic tastes still run towards tea and beer, and while exports may help keep the industry thriving, more world-class vintages will have to be produced, say experts, before India is ready to join the global market.

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