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wine club logosThere are red wine clubs, white wine clubs, and French wine clubs.

Even if you're a fan of a certain varietal, such as Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, you'll probably find a wine club to match any interest or taste.

Wine-of-the-month clubs are a great way to get to sample different types of wines picked by people who know about quality, vintages and what the labels mean.

If you'd like to learn more about wines, or are looking for a gift for someone who really likes wines, a subscription to a wine club is a good solution. Many also provide tasting notes and background information on their chosen wines so a true appreciation is provided with each selection.

Before you make the leap, however, first become familiar with US wine shipment laws (sorry Alabama - and several others) that restrict delivery of wine through the mail in certain states.

Some clubs do not provide set-price agreements. Others might hold out an unbelievable introductory offer to lure you in and then raise their prices to an outrageous amount over time. So, as always, "buyer beware" rules apply....

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How to Choose a Wine Club - Straightforward advice on making the choice by price range and style of wine, plus scroll down for a mini-directory of wine clubs online.

Wine Club - How to Choose a Wine Club as a Gift - They are in the business of featuring offers by top wine clubs, along with great insider tips on what's on offer and what to look for.

The International Wine of the Month Club - Around since 1994, this online wine club ships two bottles every month. The subscriptions are open ended and you are billed for each month unless you choose to pay for a longer term. Each months selection includes a white and red (you can opt to have just white or just red) from major wine producing areas around the world.

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