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oporto wine region, portual
The Oporto wine region, situated
along the Douro River in Portugal.


Once a great seafaring nation, Portugal fortified its wines to last longer aboard trading ships traveling to far-flung destinations.

As a result, the country still remains best known for port wine from the Madeira wine region with a long history dating back to the Age of Exploration -- when the city of Madeira was a major port of call for ships sailing to the New World and the East Indies.

Today, the sunny Portuguese weather offers a good climate for all types of red wines but the hot, arid climate (especially to the south) requires heavy irrigation and careful tending in the vineyard.

As the industry continues to develop don't be surprised to see more wines from Portugal gaining international recognition, such as the full-bodied reds and florally aromatic white wines now being produced in the Douro Valley, the country's principal wine region.

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