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Swiss vineyard
Village of Waltalingen - north
of Winterthur, where grapes
have been grown since
the 15th century.

Switzerland brings images to mind of skiing in the Alps and giant St. Bernard's complete with brandy casks to warm the wanderer ... vineyards just don't seem to belong in this picture!

However, the answer to how the Swiss succeed in making excellent wines lies in Switzerland's lake shores, river banks and the warm southern Föhn winds that flow down the mountainsides of the Alps.

The Swiss national languages of German, French, Italian and Romanche reflect the wine traditions and the selection of grapes that are grown. The range of wines produced covers red, white and sparkling wines.

One reason that the wines of Switzerland are such a well-kept secret is that most of the wines don’t make it past the borders of their canton. Only one percent of the total wine production of this country is available for export.

Now that you know the secret, get prepared to be warmed by some very fine wines...

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