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Oenology or enology (pronounced "ee-NOL-owe-jee") is the technical term for the study of wine and wine making.

The root word comes from the Greek word Oeno, the name of the Greek wine god who had the ability to change water into wine.

Today, like modern beer brewmasters, oenologists are the go-to people for expertise in grape varieties, blending, fermentation, temperature, and other technical aspects of wine production.

Oenology is distinct from other more practical aspects of wine making, such as vine growing and grape harvesting, typically covered under viticulture. Oenologist is more of an in-house position that oversees making a quality product and promotes a winery's reputation long after last season's grapes have been picked.

If the title sounds like a jack-of-all-trades, it is. But training to become a modern oenolgist requires not only a higher education (a bachelor's degree with business and/or marketing courses) but hands-on training. Most oenologists begin their careers as a winery intern or by working as an assistant or lab technician.

Knowledge of grapes and the people who grow them, the science of fermentation, plant diseases, and the local weather are all part of a demanding job that is, by all accounts, never boring!

Later, a master's degree in oenology to study topics such as plant genetics, microbiology and chemistry to reach the level of a true winemaster.

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