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Have a sweet tooth?

a glass of port wineAll of the fortified wines (meaning that brandy has been added to them after fermentation) are by their nature thick and smooth in texture and sweet in taste.

However, don't let those qualities lull you into thinking fortified wines are lightweights. With a near-20 percent alcohol content, fortified wines also pack a punch.

While they are not usually served with meals due to their strong flavor, these wines may complement food in other ways.

A dash of Marsala wine, for example, is a good addition to simmering meat dishes and most famously incorporated into savory Chicken Marsala. Port wine is also traditionally used as mouth-watering wine reduction sauce dribbled over filet mignon.

For imbibing purposes, fortified wines are best served during the dessert course, or after dinner when relaxed conversation and a good sipping wine -- neat or over ice -- can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace.

Like French Champagne's strict control over their product name, wine beverages dubbed sherry can only come from Spain, and port from the Douro in Portugal ....

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