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grape vineViticulture or viniculture is a specialized branch of horticulture that deals with the study of grapes, specifically grown for the purpose of making wine.

It includes years of more practical wisdom such as when to prune grapevines or when to harvest wine grapes.

Much like farmers who grow other types of produce, wine growers are subject to the vagaries of nature, and pray hard that this year's crop won't be ruined by a sudden storm or cold snap.

Bugs, molds and fungus that prey on grape vines can also occasionally turn harvest dreams into nightmares.

Along with a precise study of grapes, viticulture encompasses fertilizing and irrigation, grape development and characteristics, land assessment and land management.

Much like a French appellation, a viticultural area (AVA) is the defined region where a wine is produced in America. There are more than 200 recognized AVAs in the US,  They range in size from the Upper Mississippi River Valley AVA at 29,900 square miles across four states -- to the Cole Ranch AVA in Mendocino County, California, at only 62 acres.

Just up ahead, also find out from the experts about proper soil compositions, amounts of rain and sunlight, and which general climate conditions are best for which grape varieties - and what to do when the weather and Mother Nature refuse to cooperate ...

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