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How To Propose to a Guy
Asking your man to marry you ...

The answer to your marriage proposal - yes!Leap Year used to be the only time that a woman could properly ask for a man's hand in marriage ... but who wants to wait?

These days, women are taking over the corporate boardroom, buying sports cars, investing in houses and property, and otherwise doin' it for themselves.

How to ask a man to marry you? It usually follows the same rules as when a guy asks his favorite girl.

Pick a romantic spot, tell him how much he means to you... and pop the question!

There are a couple of caveats, however, before you make the big leap. Just make sure your guy's pride won't be hurt by breaking with tradition. And, if you have any doubts, don't even think about making it a public affair -- in other words, lose the skywriter and make it an intimate moment with the love of your life.

Around the Web, check out the best advice on proposing to your guy - with expert advice on the where, when and how. Also, for the passive-aggressive among us -- related tips on how to get him to propose to you...

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