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How to Keep White Jeans White

How to Keep White Cottons White Courtesy ARA
How to keep white jeans
bright all summer long...


Love the look of white jeans and tops contrasting with your summer tan, but hate the way your white clothes look after a few wearings?

Follow these easy care tips to keep your white cotton clothes looking brand new.

* Look first at manufacturer's care label for specific laundering recommendations. Generally, white jeans should be washed separately or with other white items (not delicate).

* If using a detergent containing bleach, fill washer to the selected level, add the detergent manufacturer's suggested amount to the water, agitate the water with detergent, add the jeans and leave for several hours or overnight. Turn the wash setting control for a normal wash time to continue through the complete washing cycle. Don't overdo the bleach. It can ruin the fabric!

* It is recommended that whites go through two rinse cycles to make sure all of the alkaline detergent is rinsed out. If using a non-chlorine bleach, follow the manufacturer's soaking recommendations followed by a full wash cycle with regular detergent.

* Do not use extreme drying times or temperatures. Alkalinity in whites can yellow when dried. A high temperature setting can yellow jeans if alkali is present. In addition, fabric softeners tend to cause yellowing in white fabrics when stored for several weeks.

Norma Keyes, Director, Fiber Quality Research, Cotton Incorporated

[ED NOTE: Many readers have written in to suggest another beneficial way to both clean and soften white jeans. Yes, baking soda! A couple of tablespoons added to the wash keeps jean looking white and bright -- without the dangers of constant bleaching, or fabric softener which will cause yellowing over time.]

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