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Summer Party Ideas

summerCome summer, and party people start grooming up for organizing 'cool' summer parties!

Although they are a great idea for family fun, summer parties are not restricted to families alone. Remember old friends, call up your relatives, and make your party rock.

Summer parties need not necessarily be held on beaches, expensive hotels or pool sides. You can have one right in your backyard!

Here are some great ideas for hosting a very memorable and fun summer party.

Indoor Summer Party Ideas

If it's a rainy day, there's no excuse for not making it a beach theme party! Even in winter, you decorate your party room like it was the middle of July.

Decorate with seashells, blue and yellow balloons, colorful sand pails, decorative votive candles, and inexpensive beach balls that you can purchase at the dollar store or local party supply house. Hanging beach theme posters in strategic locations will also help get guests in a beach party mood.

For kids of all ages, summer is the time to paty in the backyard, on the porch, around the pool, or at the beach.

Want to turn your party space into an island paradise? Host an indoor Hawaiian luau party complete with a tropical bounty of Hawaiian flower leis, pineapples and coconuts, and don't forget the hula hoops!

Greet guests at the door with a tropical cocktail or refreshing fruit smoothies and make the rest your party menu fit the theme. Seafood, hot dogs, plenty of ice cream, and watermelon are just a few ideas for making it just like a day at the beach. When it's time to play, arrange fun indoor beach party games and activities such as "beach volleyball" as guests are given balloons in a game that challenges them to keep them in the air!

And, what's a party without the music? Crank up the DVD player and be sure to have a good mix of summer music for your beach party playlist such as the Hawaii 5-0 theme or anything by Bob Marley, the Beach Boys, or Jimmy Buffet.

When the party's over, send guests home happy with goody bags filled with inexpensive plastic sunglasses, a bottle of sun tan lotion, Swedish Fish gummies, and other beach party theme treats.

Have fun!

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Watermelon carving ideasOutdoor Summer Party Ideas

A lawn, garden, a mountain campsite, a local park or beach, a swimming pool, or your own backyard would be a lovely place to host your summer party outdoors.

First, decide on a theme -- and there are so many to choose from!

Pool party ideas always make a big splash. Or, head for the shore for a summer beach party blast that may last from noon til dusk! Nothing says 4th of July like a backyard barbecue or a campfire cookout -- complete with campfire chili, grilled potatoes .... and don't forget the s'mores!

For the kids, there's always nautical Spongebob Squarepants party theme which may also be appropriate for the cartoon character's huge college-age fan base. Want something a little more formal? Why not hold a traditional garden tea party featuring lots of ice cold sweet tea and old-fashioned lemonade.

When it comes to summer party serving informal is usually preferred, so be sure to have lots of disposable paper plates, cups and paper napkins on hand. Store cold drinks in clearly marked stryofoam coolers and let guests help themselves for the ultimate in easy summer entertaining.

Summer parties all about having a good time, but remember that, wherever you are in the great summer outdoors, play it safe. Have extra sunscreen available for guests and keep outdoor pests at a good distance with a good mosquito or bug repellent, or use mosquito repellent tiki torches for an extra-festive touch.

Have fun!

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