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Hong Kong's Annual Festivals

Hong Kong Celebrates Chinese New Year & Other Festivals

The island-city of Hong Kong is one of those rare places in the world that wears its charisma right on its sleeve. There's no need to warm up to its charms and no need to pull out tourist maps and guidebooks to find special places.

Hong Kong is one dazzling escapade, right before our eyes. It's a magical change-of-pace for every visitor for business or leisure travellers, and equally for kids.

The rigours of life here on the South China Sea, blend with the enchantment, the mystery, with the pomp and the pageantry of Chinese culture, and all of it containing just enough western familiarity and natural friendliness to make its visitors feel right at home.

Nowhere in the world are the contrasts of east and west so riveting. Wooden boats bobbing on harbour piers beside luxury ocean liners; rickety tenements next to lavish high-rises; squalid alleys behind ultra-modern hotels; residents pushing wheelbarrows as limousines glide by; market vendors hanging fish and squid and barnyard animals, while talking on their cellular phones.

Just stroll amongst the city's 6.9 million inhabitants and observe seamless interweaving of the exotic with the technically advanced. Vintage trams, for example, rumble across city streets, while below is one of the most modern and efficient subways in the world. Food lovers can dine in the most sophisticated surroundings, sampling international cuisine and local fare, and yet the residents seem just as eager to taste the delicacies of their street-side stalls.

Shopping for everything is legendary here, due to the millions of retailers and even more so, to the markets.

Symphony of Lights - Held against the backdrop of Victoria Harbour each night, this light and music spectacular should not be missed!

Bun Festival on Cheung Chau Island culminates in a spectacular parade starring children in adorable costumes. This world-famous event, held in early May, coincides with Buddha's birthday, when worshippers ritualistically bathe Buddha statues.

Mid-Autumn Lantern Celebrations : A great and favorite local tradition, this annual festival in early October is celebrated with colourful lanterns and moon cakes at the full harvest moon. Also central to the event is the colourful procession at Tai Hang, a Hong Kong specialty featuring the 66-metre-long, incense-filled dragon.

Hong Kong WinterFest: This hugely popular WinterFest features a host of festive activities, as well as shopping and dining delights from late November to January. Santa's Town features all kinds of Christmas attractions and creates an unforgettable experience during the festive winter season.

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