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Cocktail Ideas to Celebrate Your Wedding Day

serving a signatue wedding cocktail
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signature wedding cocktail.

Even the most traditional couple wants their wedding reception to stand out. Here's an idea for something different that's easy and a sure hit... create a custom cocktail to serve to your guests.

Personalized wedding signature cocktails

Cocktails designed to reflect the personality of the wedding couple were first created in London in 1922 to celebrate royal weddings. The most famous signature cocktail? Although the recipe seems to have been lost in the ensuing years, The Windsor Arms, was designed for the wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Kate Law, brand ambassador for Plymouth Gin, advises that one of the simplest ways to get creative with cocktails is to personalize them.

"My favorite cocktail was developed by a groom to reflect his bride's love of strawberries," said Law. "Made with Plymouth Gin and strawberry lemonade, he called it the Blushing Bride."

"Try assigning a name to your cocktail that signifies some detail of your relationship" recommends Law. "For example, if you like to holiday in Hawaii, offer guests a 'Honolulu Heaven.' And don't worry if your chosen concoction already has a name…just re-christen it. A drink is more divine when it has a moniker with some meaning."

Other brides choose cocktails to match their color scheme. "Cosmopolitans not only fit into a pink color theme, but look fantastic in photos too," adds Law.

Gin is not your only option. Flavored vodka has hit the cocktail scene. The choices in taste and color are incredible — ranging from chocolate, citrus, fruits to herbs and black truffle infusions. You'll be able to find one to match your taste. If you can't decide on just one, you can always create a "tasting bar" with a few signature cocktails.

How to make your own infusion cocktails

vodka infused with berriesIf you or your friends are very talented, try creating your own infusion and stock the bar with it. Gin and vodkas infused with real fruits and herbs don't store well, so this would have to be done about a month before the wedding. Use a triple distilled vodka for the best results. Hint - the gin and vodka should be decent quality but not super high end expensive. Infusions don't always work out and tossing a bottle of very expensive liquor hurts!

Use a large, clean, glass screw top bottle or jar. Make sure it's squeaky clean to avoid transferring any unwanted flavors. Pour a bottle (750 ml.) of vodka or gin into your infusion bottle then add your choice of infusion flavors. Screw on the cap and place it in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place for a few days or up to two weeks, depending on your desired flavor strength.

Your best bet is to taste the infusion daily to see how the flavor is progressing. Some strong flavors are overpowering after a couple of days while others never make an impact on the taste of the original alcohol. You may have to start again with a bit less mint or a few more berries.

Have some fun

Sure, everyone loves champagne, but if it's your turn to throw the bouquet, why not add some personality to your festivities by creating some fun signature cocktails? So grab your wedding party, a few premium spirits, some fresh fruit and imagine the fun you can have. The only limit is your imagination.

You may even want to create small bottles of your infusion to give as special favors. And don't forget to display your cocktail on your cocktail napkins or on special recipe cards at the bar for guests to take home. This way, each time your guests make your cocktail, they toast your marriage…to happy ever after.

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