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What Wine with Sushi?

wine with sushiWhat wine with sushi or sashimi?

Whether you're hosting your very own sushi party, or you're out on the town at your favorite sushi restaurant, the question remains: what wine with sushi?

Pairing the simple, delicate flavors of fresh fish and the sophisticated sauces that accompany them may seem like a difficult balancing act.

However, if you remember that the traditional Japanese drink with sushi has always been beer (not sake), than you already know that you are going to start with a dry, crisp wine that will dovetail nicely with the subtle and bold flavors of many sushi dishes.

Rule of thumb? Choose a dry, light and non-oaked white wine. This means any type of chardonnay is definitely out, but instead opt for a dry Reisling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc, or even a Sauvignon Blanc to accompany your festive meal.

For red wine lovers, avoid any bold, buttery, or tannic varieties, but opt for a lighter Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, or even a Rosé.

If all else fails, may sushi lovers say that you really can't go wrong opting for the bubbly! That includes anything from your finest champagne to a dry, sparking rosé -- both of which have proven to hold up against anything from soy sauce to wasabi.


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