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Hitting the Slopes at Argentina's Top Ski Spots

Las Lenas ski resort
photo © Andre Charland
High in the Andes, Las Leñas ski
resort is situated in the western
part of the Mendoza Province.


In July and August, vacationing Argentines don't hit the surf; they hit the slopes!

Summer is ski season in the southern hemisphere, and Bariloche, Las Leñas and Ushuaia are the places to be.


Bariloche (sometimes called San Carlos de Bariloche) attracts droves of Argentine tourists from the north with its gorgeous setting and accessible prices.

Located on the banks of Lago Nahuel Huapi, the town is surrounded by four mountains - Cerros Catedral, Lopez, Nireco and Shaihuenque. Most skiers and snowboarders head straight to the area's main ski resort, Cerro Catedral, which offers lifts, equipment and classes.

Don't miss Bariloche's picturesque city center, with its endless window facades featuring every variety of chocolate; Bariloche is famous for it. If traveling to Bariloche in June, make sure your trip coincides with the Fiesta Nacional de la Nieve (National Snow Festival), a ten-day festival dedicated to the celebration of snow.

If you go
How to get there: Aerolineas Argentinas, LAN Airlines and LADE airlines fly into San Carlos deBariloche airport, located 15 km east of town.
Principal ski resort: Cerro Catedral
Season: May-September

Las Leñas

The dry powder on the slopes of Las Leñas is said to be the best in all of Argentina. Las Leñas is Argentina's most exclusive ski resort, catering primarily to wealthy foreigners, with prices to match. Accommodations options in town are two-fold: most visitors either stay in one of Las Leñas' four luxury hotels or in smaller apart-hotels featuring rooms with kitchenettes. The ski resort, which goes by the same name, offers world-class ski passes, equipment, classes and guides.

If you go
How to get there: Direct flights are available from Buenos Aires to Malargue, located 70 km from Las Leñas. Traveling by bus or car is a popular option; the ride takes approximately 11 hours.
Principal ski resort: Las Leñas
Season: June-September


Ushuaia may be the earth's southernmost ski destination. Located in Tierra del Fuego, a small island located at the very bottom of Argentina's Patagonia region, Ushuaia is a popular spot for adventurers seeking a glimpse of life at the ends of the earth. Ski options are numerous, with three centers located at a convenient distance from the town center: Cerro Castor, Altos del Valle and Centro des Deportes Invernales Glaciar Martial. Activities like hiking, boating, kayaking and even dogsledding are also offered in town. If traveling in winter, be sure not to miss the Marcha Blanca on August 17, a reenactment of San Martin's crossing of the Andes on the same day in 1817.

If you go
How to get there: Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN Airlines fly into Ushuaia Airport, located 4 km from the town center
Principal ski resort: Cerro Castor
Season: June-September

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