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Camping First Aid Checklist

first aid kitCamping in the great outdoors always means a greater chance of nicks, cuts and scratches from walking or hiking in the mountains or woods.

Cooking around campfires or on the grill can also be a hazard when accidents cause burns and blisters .... and then there are the mosquitoes and other stinging bugs, as well as the extreme elements of rain, wind or too much sun!

Be prepared.

Along with your general camping gear checklist, the essential camping first aid kit should be well-stocked for any emergency. In addition to the following, also be sure to have on hand an easy-to-follow first aid manual:

Camping first aid kit essentials:

camping checklist Band aids, gauze, medical tape, a small scissors, antibiotic cream, antispetic wipes or hand sanitizer, ace bandage, as well as butterfly bandages for more serious cuts or deep wounds.

camping checklist Ibuprofen or other pain killer, and Benedryl or hydrocortizone cream for allergic reactions and for taking the swelling and itch out of bug bites.

camping checklist Flashlight or small penlight for nighttime medical emergencies.

camping checklist Any necessary prescription medications.

camping kitFor less serious medical emergencies, also consider taking along:

camping checklist Sunscreen, aloe vera, and lip balm for sunburn and wind exposure

camping checklist Burn ointment, for possible burns from the campfire, and eye drops to take the sting out of being exposed to too much flying ash or smoke.

camping checklist Bug repellant to prevent critters from biting, along with tweezers or a Swiss pocket knife to gently remove stingers or ticks.

Finally, make sure that everyone in your camping group knows about your first-aid kit and where to locate it in case of emergency.

Enjoying your camping, hiking or backpacking trip means expecting the best and being prepared for the worst. If you camp in an area where snake bites or lyme disease are a concern, take proper precautions by wearing long pants and sleeves whenever possible.

Have fun ... and stay safe!

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