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Colorful cocktail glassesServing the right drinks can make your party, reception or dinner complete. Serving special drinks or punches at your shower or theme party can add just the right touch, and wow your guests.

Seasonal drink recipes are easy and fun to mix.

Jello shots are all the rage at summer parties and New Years Eve, and then there's homemade egg nog at Christmas.

But everyone can be a star bartender at their own party if they have the recipes for unusual cocktails and traditional favorites. Check the list of wine spritzers, cocktails and punches that users have shared in our drink & cocktail recipe section or take a tour of the top sites on mixology just up ahead and read feature stories for specialty drinks served at home or at the office ....

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Party Like It's 1929

Prohibition Drinks for Your Office Party

Take a page from a Prohibition bartender's guide with classic drink recipes for the High Ball, the Dubonnet Cocktail, the Long Island Iced Tea and other mixed drinks and cocktails you can imbibe under the radar ...

Virgin Cocktails: Secret Weapons for the Office Party

Office Party Drinks - Nonalcoholic

The secret to surviving the office party is to at least appear hip with the drinking crowd while still maintaining your decorum. The first trick? Get in league with the bartender who can serve up nonalcoholic cocktails to help maintain your cover as a teetotaler ...

Scotch Whiskey Tours

Malt whiskey tours

Whether it be a wee dram (or two) or a several days worth of tasting Scotland's single malts, there are opportunities galore for scotch whiskey fans on their next trip to Scotland. Find out where in our travel guide to touring distilleries near Edinburgh, around the West Coast, Speyside and more ....


More drink recipes around the Web: - Find drink recipes searchable by keyword, name or ingredient, or browseable in an alphabetical list, along with quick links to classic, frozen and hot drinks.

Schweppes - A bracing tonic of flash animation and seriously fun content, Schweppes includes a complete Mixology 101 course, tips and advice on hosting a great party, plus recipes for the top classics including the highball, the martini, manhattan, old fashioned and whiskey sour.

American Bartending School - Drink Recipes - Here's a bartending-for-dummies intro, followed by hundreds of recipes for classic drinks from the sedate to the wild and unusual, including instructional videos.



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