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year of the dogYears
1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030

Dog personality traits

Loyal, faithful, and true, people born in the Year of the Dog make the best of friends. As such, they often inspire confidence in others and are always willing to help those in need.

The Dog is not showy, and sometimes can be shy at social gatherings. Their role is more apt to be as good listeners, and they usually make good companions for the more demonstrative or gregarious personalities of the zodiac.

Born worriers, Dog people can sometimes nervously bark and bite at those around them, or become highly critical of others who do not share their same highly developed sense of honor and duty. Conversely, Dogs may become quiet, cool and judgmental with loved ones who arouse their anger, but they will always remain devoted.

Although young Dogs are apt to find fault at every passing injustice, the more mature will usually grow less anxious and take matters far less seriously as they age. Their basic ideal of guarding against the wrongs of society as a whole stays with them, however. It is certainly always the Dog who can be relied upon to speak up for the disenfranchised and downtrodden.

Dogs do not consciously seek out riches, but neither do they ever want for creature comforts. With their considerable talents and innate qualities, Dogs usually excel as effective social activists, teachers, nurses or doctors.

Dogs are most compatible with :
Horse, Tiger, Rabbit

Famous people born in the Year of the Dog :
Mariah Carey, Cher, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, Dorothea Dix, Benjamin Franklin, George Gershwin, Jane Goodall, Herbert Hoover, Madonna, Shirley McLaine

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