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Half the fun of Christmas is returning to the old traditions ...and starting new ones!

Creating decorations while you make memories is what Christmas is all about. Kids are the main focus of the holidays, so take time to introduce them to Christmas crafts.

NOTE: always remember to make a list -- and check it twice -- when planning any holiday craft project. It usually includes a materials list that you will have to purchase or find around the house to complete the project. Once you have everything at hand it's time to start crafting!

To begin, here's a simple and easy holiday craft project just perfect for a tree-trimming party or as a fun activity the whole family can enjoy. (And, half the fun is munching the ingredients while you make it!)

Candy and popcorn garland craft project

1. First, decide how long you want your garland to be.
2. Measure out a length of strong cotton thread or dental floss.
3. Thread your needle and tie a large knot at the end of the thread.
4. Start with a jelly bean or Gummy Bear and push the needle through it.
5. Next, do the same with a piece of popcorn.
6. Vary the colors of the candy pieces in between the popcorn as you go.
7. Follow the same pattern until all the thread - or the candy and popcorn - is used up!

Helpful hints:
This makes for a great group craft for family and friends during the holidays. Encourage experiments with different soft candies, craft beads, or use your imagination! You may also want to combine the activity with a holiday sing-along making the project that much more fun.

Materials list:
Sewing needle & thread
Green, red and yellow jelly beans or Gummy Bears

And....Who doesn’t love a piñata? Make the holidays more fun by gathering the kids and family for a special Christmas surprise …

Christmas Piñata

do it yourself christmas pinata
1. Crinkle up old pieces of newspaper and lightly fill the shopping bag. Add wrapped candy and treats.
2. Seal the shopping bag closed with adhesive tape or staples.
3. Use streamers or tissue paper to decorate. Cut them into strips and tape them all around the bag.
4. Hang your piñata high enough that it is just out of reach. Line up your guests and blindfold them one at a time, giving them the stick to aim at the piñata.
5. As each participant wacks at the pinata, STAND CLEAR of the stick!

Materials list:
Large paper shopping bag
Wrapped candy
Red, white & green tissue paper or streamers
Gold glitter
Adhesive tape or stapler
A big stick

With the help of the Web, you can do it all yourself — with projects for making table centerpieces, tree and wreath decorations, plus lots more creative ideas for crafting your own snow globes, angels and reindeer - complete with instructions and related resources for adding that personal touch to homemade holiday greeting cards with Christmas poems and carol lyrics.

Have fun!

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More about Christmas crafts around the Web:

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Christmas Crafts for Kids - It's amazing what you can do with brown paper bags and paper plates, with a full page of projects including hand puppets and Christmas cards (including a cool pop-up card), Christmas trees, wreaths and angels.

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