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Tax Tips & Tricks

Tax tips & tricks
There are no actual "tricks" to tax filing. However, these basic tips & how to's from professional accountants will make filing your own taxes seem like magic. And don't forget to check out more tax advice from related sites on the subject ...

How to Avoid an IRS Audit

Tips to avoid an IRS audit
Sure, the IRS is happy when you can take a deduction for which you're really eligible. However, taxpayers who stretch the truth in order to qualify for a questionable tax credit may want to avoid setting off a process in which their entire tax return comes into question ...

How to File a Tax Extension

Filing a tax extension after April 15
Running late? Find out more about the rules & regulations of filing an IRS tax extension, along with tips on filing late state taxes and special instructions for those living overseas at tax time...

Home Office Deductions

Home Office Deduction How To's
There's a growing number of people who find themselves working at home, or establishing full-time business in their spare room, but what are the tax advantages? The rules are sometimes complex, but there's help on the way with this guide to who qualifies for a deduction...and who doesn't ...

TOP TAX RESOURCES: - Forms and Publications
- Downloadable forms, information, and resources from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. - Helpful tips from tax expert Ed Slott including investment advice, financial planning tips, retirement guide, related discussion forum.

Free Advice: Tax Law - Questions answered for free on corporate, estate, gift, income and property tax law.

CPA Finder - Searchable directory of accountants and CPA's across the U.S. and Canada.

Tax Hawk - Information on e-filing, deductions, tax tips, refunds, forms.

Tax Information for Students - The IRS guide for college students with basic tax information, forms, filing information, education benefits, and more.

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