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Subway. eat fresh.Not your typical sandwich shop, Subway's amazing success in the fast food business has become an industry phenomenon.

This is made made all the more astounding by the fact that it has surpassed even the likes of McDonald's, Burger King, Domino's and all other comers to become THE largest restaurant chain worldwide.

Of course, the famous story spun by current spokesperson Jared Fogle aimed at the health conscious certainly helped, but it is one that almost fell into the company's lap.

In short, Subway has thus far led a charmed existence, and continues to do so as one of the most successful franchises on the planet - and growing - with currently over 31,000 restaurants in 91 countries.

Subway history

In 1965, the restaurant chain that would eventually become Subway was born when Fred De Luca, a Connecticut high school student, was looking for ways to raise money to pay for college.

To encourage De Luca to open his own business, family friend Peter Buck offered him $1,000 to help finance a submarine sandwich shop. De Luca agreed and the two became partners, and within the year has opened their first sandwich shop.

With Peter Buck the major investor, the store was named "Pete's Submarines", but as word spread about the shop they learned the name was being misinterpreted as "Pizza Marines." Soon the store was renamed "Pete's Subway." and later simply shortened to "Subway."

With their first store a huge success, the partners began a chain of Subway sandwich shops, evolving into a franchise operation with more than 30 stores operning in and around New York and New England. By 1983, Entrepreneur magazine named Subway the No. 1 franchise in the sandwich shop category, a position it has practically held ever since.

Subway goes global

Two years later, Subway had its first international operation in Bahrain, and throughout the next decade successfully opening stores in all 50 states with additional locations popping up in Europe, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, El Salvador, Honduras, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Spain and Taiwan.

In 1999, with a lead position as one of the world's most valuable franchise operation in any category, the heavens further smiled down upon Subway by bringing them Jared Fogle, the man who lost 245 pounds by including low fat Subway sandwiches in a diet and exercise program of his own design. Having heard about the story, Subway quickly introduced Jared to the world in the first in a series of television commercials in 2000.

Ultiimately, the success of Subway remains its widespread appeal to an audience ranging from sports jocks and construction workers to busy parents and college students. Thanks to Jared Fogle, today that also includes a growing legion of the health conscious.

A pop culture caché surrounding Subway as the Everyman's Meal also holds a certain appeal to the rich and famous, who not only willing to frequent Subway, but are quick to endorse it. Among them? Former high school student and now Subway owner Fred De Luca, who currently boasts a personal net worth of $1.5 billion.

Subway menu

Classic Subs - Cold Cut Combo, Meatball Marinara, Ham, Pizza Sub, Veggie Delite

Select Subs - Spicy Italian, Italian B.M.T, Roast Beef, Turkey Breast, Tuna, Turkey Breast & Ham

Premium Subs - Roast Beef, The Big Philly Cheesesteak, Chicken & Bacon Ranch, The Feast

Beverages - Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, iced tea

Sides - Lays potato chips, Dorito corn chips

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