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America calls it soccer. The rest of the world calls it football — or futbol, or fútbol, or fussball...

It's the game in which the goalie is the only player allowed to catch the ball, while everyone else furiously kicks with feet, knees...their heads...(no helmets, no shoulder pads, no refrigerator-sized players!) It ultimately results in a lightning fast chase so exciting that the attention of the whole world is completely captured.

Names like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo,and Wayne Rooney are just the beginning of getting to know what great football means to its millions of fans.

Doubt it? Visit any city in the world outside of the USA when the final game of the World Cup is played every four years. Not a soul on the street or a car on the road...everyone is inside watching football!

More about soccer and European football around the Web:

If you're unfamiliar with international style football, find out what it is and why the world is in love with the game or, if you already are a fanatic soccer fan - check out your favorites, follow the action, the teams, pictures and stats of all the star players, plus the history and background of what is (no matter what it's called) the world's most popular sport...


UEFA - the Union of European Football Associations - Coverage of football in Europe from A (Albania) through W (Wales) and just about every country in between. News on players, injuries, prospects, fantasy team info, cup and conference play and more. - The official site of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, soccer's international governing body, with news and features, the latest scores, a history of the game and the World Cup, official laws and rules in downloadable PDF format, FAQ.

Premiere League - Focused on the Barclays Premiership you'll find players info, current standings, future outlook and lots more.

SoccerTimes - All the soccer news fit to print.



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