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Unless you drive yourself, in your own car, to your vacation or business travel destination you'll probably want to rent a car when you get there.

While renting cars for travel has never been easier, the number of options has never been more confusing!

Choosing a rental car

The Internet opens up a world of options for anyone who needs to rent a car. Rental agencies, car rental reviews, and car services both discounted and full price - are just a click away.

In many cases you can add a rental car onto your vacation package at the same time that you book your flight or your lodging. But, as with most travel related decisions, you need to figure out how to balance cost, customer service and convenience.

First, don't settle for the first car rental company you come across. Take time to browse the Web (see below) for car rental reviews by other Web surfers and get money-saving tips from those who have traveled that road before.

rental car
"Keep in mind the purpose of the trip,
and decide how much you're willing
to sacrifice in cost over comfort."

When you are reserving a rental car, think about what comfort means to you. How much time will you spend driving? You may want to pay a little extra to have a larger car with more room for passengers and luggage. Practical safety should also be taken under consideration, especially if you plan on doing a lot of off-road sightseeing over rough terrain.

Will it make a difference if you rent a two door or four car? The two door sedans are generally a bit less expensive, but mean that the back seat passenger has to wait for the front seat to be empty before climbing out.

In the end, don't go for the higher cost if it's not necessary. Keep in mind the purpose of the trip, and decide how much you're willing to sacrifice in cost over comfort.

Renting a car in a foreign country

If you plan to travel overseas, you may not realize that most rental cars do NOT come with automatic transmissions. Make sure that the car you rent does not require you to know how to drive a stick shift unless you have some experience.

Let your car rental agency know that you need an automatic transmission before you get there. Driving on strange roads in a strange car with signs that may be in a strange language is no time to start learning how to drive with one foot on the clutch!

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