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Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle,
the most famous
castle in Germany.

With a little planning, you can stop dreaming of castles and actually visit one... or perhaps stay in one for a romantic night dreaming of the days of medieval chivalry.

You can even gather family or friends to rent a castle — and be surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful countryside and centuries of history for your entire stay.

Visiting the great castles of Europe

The most renowned of Europe's castle routes is located along Germany's Castle Road in the southern part of the country encompassing some 70 castles along a well-traveled route.

The Loire Valley chateaux of France offer more famous trips back in time to dozens of French castles located between the towns of Tours and Blois.

Poland's castles are widespread throughout the country and, although more numerous, still less well-known and less traveled.

Famous European castles
Ideal castle touring in Europe might include the cable car ride up to Heidelberg Castle (left) on
Germany's famous castle road; a tour of the incredibly ornate Alhambra Palace in Granada,
Spain; (middle) or the Chateau Chambord  in the Loire Valley in France (right).

Farther west, Spain's castles at one time numbered some 8,000, but the 2,500 that remain are still considered some of the world's most beautiful, of which the Alhambra Palace in Granada is considered perhaps the best well-known and historic.

To visit all of them would take a lifetime, but luckily host countries have established specific "castle routes" that can be done in a single day (or several days - again, you might stay overnight in one along with way) in arranged tours or self-guided driving itineraries.

For castles open to the public, visitors can take pride in knowing they are helping preserve a special part of living history, since tickets and admission prices usually help defray the costs of upkeep. Once inside, you can learn more about castle construction, listen to harrowing stories of prison towers, or get up close views of castle art, furnishings, armor and weapons.

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