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Whether you're traveling solo, with a group of friends, or with the entire family, the call of the open road beckons with the added excitement of anticipation and discovery.

With the prevalence of cell phones, GPS, and Internet resources - along with personal tips from online road trip experts - it has never been easier to plan and organize a world class vacation road trip.

Road trip pros and cons

While gas and petrol prices around the world continue to stabilize, it's never been a better time to gas up and go.

Other bright notes for traveling under your own steam? They include not having to wait in line at train stations or airports, no taking your shoes off at security checks. And, if you lose your luggage -- you have only yourself to blame!

Another more positive consideration to take into account is, of course, "the road less traveled". In short, it might very well be worth the extra cost for an opportunity to find a unique discovery not found in any guide book, or to experience an off-the-beaten-highway adventure that you can brag about when you get home.

On the down side, if you veer off course it's all on YOU. Prepare for cramped quarters, traffic jams on the weekends, bad weather, cranky kids, flat tires, overheated engines and other mechanical problems. Also expect the unexpected, like having to back track to your last motel, for example, to retrieve your cell phone charger.

You will also be responsible for keeping up the spirits of your traveling companions if things really start to head south. Hey, this is a road trip! The adventure is everything.

Road trip tips

With kids, expect to take more
potty breaks and play stops.

Ensuring that your car is fit for the road (check out this car safety checklist) should be a top priority. Next comes comfort. You and your traveling companions will be in the cars for hours at a stretch, so try to test their patience (or yours) by cramming as many things into the car as possible including everyone's luggage and carry-ons.

If you have kids in tow, don't forget the drinks and snacks, toys and games (see: holiday road trips with the kids), plus wet wipes and paper towels to clean up any unexpected messes. (Also plan on more than usual scenic stops, restaurant and rest room breaks.)

Along with maps and travel guides, a smart phone with GPS is a necessity nowadays for any emergency that may arise. If traveling overseas, also be sure to obtain an international cell phone plan. A flush ATM or credit card (along with extra emergency cash) comes in handy for major repairs. Also make contingency plans for overnight stays due to getting lost, changing a flat tire, heavy traffic, or bad weather en route.

The Great American Road Trip

I-95 map

On the US East Coast, the
1,925-mile Interstate 95 begins
in Maine and ends in Miami. FL.

American road trips with almost universal appeal are the spectacularly scenic 17 mile drive along Highway 1 in California, or the legendary and historic Route 66 with additional drives out West including the Grand Canyon and other Top Ten US National Parks.

The Eastern route usually beckons Europeans with road trips to world-famous Niagara Falls, tours of Boston, Massachusetts and the rest of New England.

Then there's the big grand tour - starting from New York City following Interstate 95 for the 1,000-mile trek all the way down to Florida with stops at Atlantic City, Washington DC, Savannah, Georgia and Orlando.

All told, road trips can be the adventure of a lifetime. If you're lucky enough to own a reliable car, a cell phone, a map, and have friends or family to share in a sense of wanderlust, the dream of a perfect road trip stretches out before you.

Go for it.

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