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iguana on the yucatan
An iguana suns itself along
Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.

Ecotourism, or geotourism, is today the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry which annually attracts amateur naturalists, ecologists, or nature lovers around the world who want to learn more about the planet's most ecologically diverse regions.

With an awareness of the environment, green living, and conservation, American ecotourists are by far the most avid worldwide, followed by enthusiasts in the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia.

Ecotourism not only provides an opportunity to learn more about the environment. It also offers the chance to experience first-hand an exotic and often mind-blowing look at Earth's diverse beauty.

Volunteerism is a big part of ecotourism, as well, with programs developed for travelers to become more involved and lend a hand in reforesting national parks or to track endangered wildlife.

Top favorite global ecotourism spots include jungle or rainforest habitats in Africa, Brazil, Costa Rica and Honduras, as well as spectacularly still-unspoiled landscapes in North America, Europe, Ireland, China and India.

To truly appreciate the experience, travelers should have a highly developed respect for nature and the environment, say ecotourism experts. This is due to the fact that a number of travel tour operators may create tourist conclaves in the name of ecotourism that actually harm rather than enhance the surrounding ecosystem.

Before you decide on a travel package, it's always a good ideas to search the Web for information or forum discussions on a particular tour's reputation and accreditation.

Ecotourism certification programs already have been enacted in such places as Costa Rica, Australia and Kenya, with hopes that a single international accreditation program will someday govern the ecotourism industry worldwide.

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Rainforest Alliance - Sustainable Tourism - Expert travel tips for making an ecotour more rewarding, with a listing of approved sustainable tourism businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean, and related SmartGuide publication downloadable in PDF format.

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