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Asunción skyline :
a view of old and new.

Paraguay Travel Fast Facts

Getting there: regular flights from major cities to Asunción International Airport

What to see:
Asunción, Lago Ypacarai, Parque Nacional Ybycui, Encarcion

Currencies: guarani

Official language(s):

Paraguay lies at the heart of the continent and is sometimes still thought of as "an island surrounded by land", landlocked as it is by Bolivia to the north, Argentina to the south, and Brazil to the east,

Once remote and untraveled, today Paraguay enjoys a growing tourism industry fueled by its beautiful landscapes and unique flora and fauna, not to mention a rich history and culture that, for many travelers, begins in the capital city of Asunción.

Located on the hills overlooking the Paraguay River, the city gravitates toward the waterfront where most of the major attractions are to be found.

These include historic examples of original 16th century buildings - amid a jumble of modern architecture - as well its 19th century cathedral, nearby museums and cultural centers, and one spectacular city park at Jardin Botanico.

Also take advantage of tours to nearby attractions such as the lake resort towns around Lake Ypacarai, or head further south to a hiking adventure to Ybycui National Park for stunning waterfalls and dense vegetation in the country's few remaining rainforest preserves.

Also don't miss a trip to even more southerly Encarnacion, a major jumping-off point to visit the restored 16th century Jesuit missions offering a complete look at Paraguay's rich colonial past ...

DID YOU KNOW? Paraguay Travel Fun Facts

A fancy web they weave.

• In Paraguay, homes traditionally have no doorbells. Visitors announce their arrival by clapping their hands.

The Itaipu Dam, which Paraguay shares with Brazil, is the largest energy generating facility in the world.

• Paraguayan women produce some of the world’s best lacework. Nanduti gets its name from the Guaraní word meaning “spider web”.

Yerba mate is the national beverage of Paraguay, an herbal tea blend that Paraguayans drink like coffee.

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