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Angel Falls
Angel Falls, the world's
highest waterfall

Venezuela Travel Fast Facts

Getting there: regular flights from major world cities to Carrasco International Airport.

What to see:
Caracas, Angel Falls, Bolivar Peak, Playa Colorada, Archipelago of Los Roques, Margarita, Coche

Currencies: bolivar fuerte

Official language(s):

A major air route connecting South America with the rest of the world, Venezuela remains one of the most easily accessible countries in South America from points in the USA or Europe.

For the price, Venezuela features verdant plains and arid desert, spectacular vistas from the Andes mountains, and no less than stunning white sand beaches kissed by the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic waters.

Caracas, ironically, is not on anyone's top ten list of capital cities to visit due to its jungle of concrete and urban blight. However, by all means see the cathedral, the sprawling National Capitol building, and the historic birthplace of "the George Washington of South America," Simon Bolivar.

More memorable - by far - is the country's stunning natural beauty beginning with a visit up north to the Gran Sabana, featuring unusual flat top mountains ("Tepuy") and spectacular Angel Falls (the world's highest) in Canaima National Park.

And, for the grandest vista in all of Venezuela, take the cable car ride up to Bolivar Peak, the country's highest mountain.

For prime coastal attractions, see world famous beaches due east at Playa Colorada, or up north in crystal clear Caribbean waters at Archipelago Los Roques.

Also don't miss nearby trips to Aruba, and Trinidad & Tobago just off the coast, as well as Venezuela's own island getaways at Margarits island and Coche island.

DID YOU KNOW? Venezuela Travel Fun Facts

Devils on parade ...

• The term Venezuela literally means ‘Little Venice’, so named by early explorers who first saw houses on stilts along the shore and were reminded of Venice.

• Not to say that Venezuelan women are the most beautiful on the planet, but Venezuela has more Miss Universe titles (6) and more Miss World titles (5) than any other country.

• Baseball is the most popular sport in Venezuela. Many Venezuelan players have moved to the United States to play in the U.S. major leagues, including Felix Hernenadez of the Seattle Mariners, Bobby Abreu of the Houston Astros, and Dave Concepcion of the Cincinnati Reds.

The Red Devils of Yare festival is held every Corpus Christi Day in Venezuela to reenact the 400-year old battle of good vs evil (and guess who has won every time?)

• Venezuela is home to an amazing mix of animals including manatees, jaguars, the Giant anteater, sloths, Amazon river dolphins, and the worlds largest rodent, the capybara.

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