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Yemen ceremonial daggers
Jambiya, ceremonial
swords or daggers, on
sale in a Yemen market.

Yemen Travel Fast Facts

Getting there: regular flights from major world cities to San'a International Airport
What to see:
San'a, Rub Al-Khali, Ta'izz, Shibam, Zabid
Currencies: Yemeni rial
Official language(s):

Recently in the news for militant uprisings, kidnappings, and general unrest in certain parts of the country, Yemen has been the subject of travel warnings by most Western governments of late.

Until the country returns to so a certain level of normalcy, caution is advised.

Even without the warnings, first-time travelers to the country may at first be alarmed to find everyone sporting daggers in their belts. However, much to their relief, visitors quickly find that they are part of Yemeni national dress, and largely ceremonial.

The first city most visitors will most often set down in is the Yemeni capital, the "skyscraper" city of Sana'a, notable for its unique tower houses.

One of the oldest cities in the world, legend has it that San'a may even date back to Shem, the son of the biblical Noah, who helped found the city in Old Testament times.

Today, Yemen differs from most Mideast countries in that its southern location in the Arabian peninsula results in a distinct contrast between the lush green vegetation of, say, the Rasyan region to the starkly barren desert region of Rub Al-Khali.

San'a architecture, Yemen
The capital city of San'a is one of the world's architectural gems.

Along with stunning Islamic architecture found in the capital city, Yemen boasts the medieval city of Ta'izz, the old walled city of Shibam, as well as Zabid -- with its Great Mosque dating to the 9th century -- as important additions to the World Heritage list.

DID YOU KNOW? Yemen Travel Fun Facts

Here be dragons ....

Socotra is often described as unlike anyplace on Earth. Counted among its alien-looking flora and fauna is the Dragon Blood tree which "bleeds" thick, red resin.

Chewing qat leaves which acts as a mild stimulant remains a popular social pastime throughout Yemen.

Shibam is known as "the Manhattan of the desert". It consists of 500 mud-built tower houses reaching as high as 11 storeys.

• Off the western coast of Yemen in the Red Sea lies Kamaran Island. It is a favorite of divers for its colorful coral reef and the 140 species of tropical fish that make the reef their home.

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