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Dracula's castle in Transylvania, Romania
Bran Castle, legendary home of
Count Dracula, in Transylvania.

Romania lies In the heart of Eastern Europe, surrounded by Hungary to the west, Bulgaria to the south, with the Black Sea lapping at its eastern shore.

Romania has become a must-see destination for Western tourists drawn to the country's beach resorts, mysterious mountains and monasteries and, of course, it's historic association with Count Dracula.

Today, there's lots more to Romania than mystery and history, as it shakes off its more recent association with communism to enjoy an economic boom as one of the newest members of the EU.

A blend of modern hi-rises and medieval cobblestone streets, Romania remains overall heady mix of East and West, light and shadow, mountains and seashore.

Romanian travel phrases:

HELLO - Salut (sah-LOOT)
PLEASE - va rog (vuh ROHG)
THANK YOU - multumesc (mool-tzoo-MESK)
YES - da (DAH)
NO - nu (NOO)
EXCUSE ME - pardon (pahr-DOHN)
GOODBYE - la revedere (lah reh-veh-DEH-reh)
DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? vorbiti engleza? (vor-BEETZ eng-LEH-zuh)

also see -> Wikitravel Romanian phrasebook

Bucharest is where many first-time tourists set foot in Romania. The capital city has undergone a transformation of late into a modern metropolis and best typifies the changes the country has been through over recent years.

Although still lacking in some of the more glitzy attractions visitors come to expect of European capitals, Bucharest is great for just walking around to soak in the country's rich history, and to be startled by contrasts in architectural styles ranging from Romanesque and medieval to modern steel-and-glass.

While here, don't miss Bucharest's own Arch de Triomphe (from which it has derived its traditional nickname ("Little Paris") as well as a walk around Revolution Square

Also enjoy a ramble around the Old Historic Center, which today has become an upscale neighborhood filled with art galleries, antique shops and trendy cafes.

Of course, while in Bucharest you'll also want to book a day tour to see what has come to symbolize all things Romanian -- Transylvania. At the center of the region is the popular walled city of Brasov with its mysterious medieval look and feel and today a popular jumping-off point for special trips to "Dracula's Castle" in Bran, legendary home to the world's most famous vampire.

DID YOU KNOW? Romania Travel Fun Facts

All hail Decebalus, King of Dacia

• The name “Romania” comes from the Latin word “Romanus” which means “citizen of the Roman Empire.” Today, despite its location in Eastern Europe, Romanian is a Romance language more closely related to Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

• A 55-meter high rock sculpture depicting Decebalus, King of Dacia, is the largest rock sculpture in Europe and can only be reached along the Danube by boat.

• With its colorful and ornate frescoes, the Voronet Monastery, located in northeastern Romania, is known as the “Sistine Chapel of the East”.

• The Astra Museum in Sibiu is the largest open-air museum in Romania.

• Romania is the birthplace of Olympic champion Nadia Comaneci, composer George Enescu, fountain pen inventor Petrache Poenaru, and insulin discoverer Nicolae Paulescu.


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