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rv camperWith millions of Baby Boomers retiring or about to retire, the advantages of RV vacation and holiday planning are becoming more and more evident.

With over 16,000 RV campgrounds & resorts nationwide, RVers are free to hit America's highways and back roads for quick getaways or for months at a time.

The convenience of traveling with pets, the chance to meet new friends wherever you go - plus great flexibility - are just some of the advantages of RVing.

RVs can be intimidating to the newbie, but veterans swear by their maneuverability and ease of RV operation. Even accounting for current fuel costs, (RV's typically only get 6-8 miles to the gallon) many RVer's say it still beats flying - or waiting around an airport for hours.

Typical RVers run the gamut of NASCAR fans heading for a big race to camping or boating enthusiasts heading for the shore with a motorboat in tow. There also is nothing better than a roomy RV for an extended summer road trip among larger families.

Around the Web, learn more about why buying or renting an RV is becoming so popular, where you can find the best RV resorts and campgrounds, plus more tips and advice in related forums from RVer's who can (and often do!) hit the road at a moment's notice....

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