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There are many travelers who swear that the best way to explore is to "travel light".

And they're not talking about luggage.

Traveling solo is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all as you pack up,and go in search of adventures that you just can't get while having to accommodate the interests of family or friends.

Pros and cons of traveling solo

If you're hesitant about traveling alone, be assured that going solo doesn't have to mean being totally on your own. With faith in your ability to see the world on your own terms, there's really no telling how many people you'll meet or the friends you'll make along the way.

If brand new to traveling solo, begin your journeys by taking short weekend trips not too far from home. As you build up your confidence extend it vacation travel. If traveling overseas, make it easy by choosing a country where they speak the king's English (UK anyone?) Nowadays, that also includes most of Western Europe.

"A smart phone armed with GPS, the Internet, and interactive maps also makes traveling solo easier than ever."

Pretty soon, you'll be a seasoned solo traveler with stories to regale your friends and family on your return home.

Just remember that being fleet of foot has its price. It can get lonely out there. Getting totally lost -- or worse -- falling ill on the road by yourself may also present challenges that will test your self-reliance to the limit.

More often you will find friendly people willing to pay it forward by helping out a stranger or fellow traveler get back on their feet. Having a smart phone armed with GPS, the Internet, and interactive maps also makes traveling solo easier than ever.

Alternatives to traveling solo

traveling solo in ParisIf you prefer not to go totally "on your lonesome" check out alternatives to purely solo travel. Remember that these companies don't act as dating services, but solely provide a convenient way to match your interests with a fellow-traveler!

Club Med Singles is famous for their all-inclusive vacations where travelers can choose to go it alone or share accommodations.

And, if you're in doubt about choosing a travel club or service, or need helpful hints at what it's like as a single traveler, check out the Trip Advisor solo travel forum or similar communities for a whole world of help online.

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Just up ahead, check out more tips and advice for beginner solo travelers, cheap and affordable trips specifically geared to the singles crowd, or more about where you can join a group, or hook up with another like-minded traveler who just wants to get away from it all. At least for a week or two...


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