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wine in art history
Wine in art history
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Were members of the animal kingdom the planet's first wine tipplers?

Biologists have noted that birds and primates have always been naturally drawn to the smell of ethanol produced by fermented fruit.

And, of course, humans certainly took an early interest — in fact, the earliest historical records provide detailed information on wine and wine growing areas in ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, and Egypt.

Today, France and Germany, Hungary, Italy and many other European countries proudly boast wine histories dating back to the Romans and Celts. While Africa, the Americas and Australia are relative newcomers to wine making, their native populations were surely master vintners as well.

Today, the art of drinking wine has been so fine-tuned that wine drinking has been elevated to an art, while volumes could be written just on the history of the wine glass alone.

Sit back, grab a glass and join us on a deep dig into what else lies ahead on the Web concerning the varied, fascinating and lively history of wine ...

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