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2018 Super Bowl Commercials

watching a superbowl ad on tvLast updated February 2, 2018

Who will spend $5 million for a 30-second spot at the Super Bowl this year?

It's the most expensive air time on television, but most major advertisers are willing to shell it out. That is, to reach the millions of viewers huddled around the living room TV on Super Bowl Sunday.

Traditionally, the big game attracts close to 100 million viewers, the biggest TV audience for any U.S. sporting event.

And, with the price tag going up every year, it's almost guaranteed that advertisers pull out all the stops to get you to watch -- and remember -- their multi-million-dollar commercials.

Meanwhile, keep it here for videos and updates on the 2018 Super Bowl ad lineup as they are announced.

2018 Super Bowl ad lineup

Raise a glass to the beverage category - with Budweiser, Bud Light, and Coca Cola making their big return again this year with fresh commercials tailored to Super Bowl fans. Bud Light is bringing its popular “Dilly, Dilly” campaign to the game, in the last of a “trilogy” of new commercials that premiered in 2017.

And, what's Coke without Pepsi? The other big cola brand is set to feature supermodel Cindy Crawford in a reprise of her iconic 1992 Pepsi ad, this time also starring her son, Presley Walker Gerber, as well as footage from Michael Jackson's memorable Pepsi commercial.

Topping off the category will be other big beer brands Stella Artois, and Michelob Ultra, the latter starring Jurassic Park star Chris Pratt in his first-ever appearance in a commercial anywhere.

Chris Pratt stars in his first commercial for Michelob Ultra.

Munchies you say? Doritos is back this year after canceling its long-running "Crash the Super Bowl" contest last year. Instead, Doritos promises an entirely new ad agency-create campaign for the big game. Here's Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage having a classic rap battle over which is better: Doritos Blaze chips or Mountain Dew Ice.

Pringles will also debut their first-ever Super Bowl commercial in a spot called "Flavor Stacking" (mixing different flavored Pringles to create all new ones, which should be a hit with the kids.)

Meanwhile, Avocados From Mexico will be back for its fourth consecutive Super Bowl with another humorous spot for guacamole fans everywhere. M&M's is also making a sweet comeback for the first time since 2014, starring animated M&M stars Yellow, Blue, and Red.

Check out this funny teaser for M&M's 2018 return with a fresh new 30-second Super Bowl spot.

And, if you love an internet deal, Groupon is back this year with a new spokesperson in Tiffany Haddish, star of the summer hit "Girl Trip". She got the gig following a guest spot on the Jimmy Kimmel talk show -- where she told a very funny story about finding a Groupon travel deal with friends Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Enter Groupon with another offer Haddish couldn't refuse. "Hey, Tiffany, want to be our spokesperson?" And the rest, as they say, is Super Bowl commercial history.

And there's more cyber yuks to be had during Super Bowl 2018, as CEO Jeff Bezos takes center stage in a spot for Alexa, Amazon's popular home AI assistant. In it, the company scrambles to replace Alexa as she suddenly loses her voice. Will they be able to pull it off?

Finally, the Super Bowl would not be complete without an upcoming movie blockbuster. This year, the early scuttlebutt from Madison Avenue is that Universal is in the game, with possibly two trailers for upcoming openings. Insiders point to several good possibilities including a new entry in the “Jurassic Park” franchise, and a Dwayne Johnson action movie "Skyscraper".

Paramount has also announced it will feature an unnamed title, but odds are it will be a sneak preview of a new entry into the "Mission Impossible" franchise starring Tom Cruise and 'Superman' Henry Cavill which will open this summer.


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