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The way we were:
The 'mousepad' logo, 1999.

Happy 25th Anniversary to us!

25 years, and WOW.

1999 seems like only yesterday.

Back in the day, we went from designing other people's websites to designing our own -- featuring the latest updates in sports and entertainment, travel and shopping destinations -- edited all by hand.

Today, we still do it that way, in a style so retro it might be making its way back to cool again..

The early years

Even before the Google algorithm was out of the garage, we always knew that humans were the way to go.

While keeping a careful eye on strict policy, we still got excited about following cool Internet trends like holding visitors' attention with more engaging stories. The bare minimalist approach was out .... more colorful graphics were in.

Today, every resource we recommend continues to be checked for pop-up ads or slow-loading pages. Trust was built by placing a strict ban on advertiser content and paid listings, a policy that continues to this day. Your email address? We have never asked for it, and we never will. 25th anniversarySo tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999

So now it's time take a look back, and ahead, to this thing called The Internet which -- despite what cynics say -- unites more people than divides them.

With grateful thanks to our staff, advertisers, and especially our visitors. as we hoist a cold one to celebrate our 25th year online.



chiff 25th anniversary

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