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Mission Statement

The Web reviewed by real humans
The Web, reviewed
by real humans.

Our mission statement is as old-fashioned as it is straightforward:

Back in the good old days, the Internet held the promise of becoming a virtual library, amusement park, and shopping mall available to anyone with a telephone line and a computer with a modem. The possibilities seemed to stretch as far as web designers' imaginations could take them.

Today, the Information Superhighway has become a high speed chase littered with flashy but-slow-to-download homepages...and pop-up ads;

We're taking back the Net

The good news is that there are hundreds of sites online that still adhere to good design principles and remain chock full of updated and valuable information. You'll find most of them here. Each site is one of the best in their topic.

What we do

Web guides are always either too long to find what you need or too short to be of any use. We're constructing a guide that is neither. Each resource within a particular category is selected for its ability to lead you to detailed information presented by those in the know. They, in turn, are glad to provide you with even more information and resources. Easy?

  • The entire site is a virtual Pop-up Free Zone. We refuse to list sites with ads that pop up, over, under, or on top of what we're searching for. We're not opposed to advertising. We're simply opposed to ads becoming the reason for a site's existence. Sure, ads cover our payroll, but we don't want advertisers' needs to be more important than our mission to provide you with good, reliable information — fast.

  • We are not competing with the search robots. They're wonderful. Yet in their efforts to list every site on the Internet, they've given up quality in the pursuit of mind-numbing quantity.

  • No one is required to optimize their keywords to rise in an automated ranking. Sites in our main directory are primarily hand picked based on their content and, secondarily, on their design. The very best win points for both. As more sites appear, we're raising the bar every day.

What you can do

We're building what we think is the best hand-crafted Internet search on the web.

Visit the sites that still are worth visiting. Make suggestions. Spread the word. Become a part of a growing number of Internet users just like you who are helping to take back the web.

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