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Green Pepper Palm Tree

Make this fun, eye-catching vegetable carving project to create a festive centerpiece for a 'Survivor' party, a tropical theme, pool party or Hawaiian luau...

Palm tree vegetable carvingYou'll need:

  • large green peppers

  • large carrots

  • large potatoes

  • sharp knife

  • toothpicks

1. Peel carrot, wash pepper and potato, and pat dry.

2. Cut off end of a potato to use as the base. Place flat side down, and use a toothpick to attach it to the carrot tree trunk.

3. Cut off the top of pepper and make 5 large V-cuts (stopping short of a 1/2 inch from the bottom) to make the palm tree leaves.

4. Turn pepper upside down and use a toothpick to attach it to the carrot 'trunk'.

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