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Bridal shower wishing well
Use a laundry basket for the "well", and
paper towel rolls and cardboard to make
cover and supports. Decorate with tulle,
ribbons or bridal wrapping paper.

Now that the future Mr. and Mrs. have picked out the big ticket items on their bridal registry, the bridal shower makes way for casual fun for friends and family to lavish the bride with special attention.

While the perfect gift centers around fun and romance at many bridal showers, other more practical needs for the bride-to-be and her future spouse can be taken care of by adding a wishing well to the party festivities.

Smaller gifts in a wishing well may include kitchen odds and ends that the bride might need, or center on a particular theme like bed and bath or honeymoon travel supplies.

Just make sure that you inform guests that the bridal shower will feature a wishing well for smaller gifts only. Also include information on the party theme, if any.

Do It Yourself Wishing Well

You can purchase premade wishing wells at most party supply stores, but if you want to do get creative with a do-it-yourself project, a homemade wishing well can be constructed from a large laundry basket, along with cardboard and paper towel roll tubes to construct the "roof".

Decorate in the traditional wedding attire - with ribbons, tulle, or bridal wrapping paper - or anywhere your imagination takes you. Follow a chosen bridal shower party theme, for example, by adding seashells for a summer theme, or cover in a checkered tablecloth for a kitchen or household theme.

Wishing Well Gift Ideas

If you're stuck for ideas on what to give as a wishing well gifts, here's thoughtful wish-list of ideas any future bride and groom will appreciate:

  • Kitchen Theme Wishing Well
    For this most traditional theme, forget the toaster or food processor (that the couple will probably receive as wedding gifts anyway) and think about salt and pepper shakers, oil and vinegar cruets, potholders, egg slicers or cookie cutters that make great gifts of everyday needs to help the new bride and groom set up house.

  • Honeymoon Wishing Well Theme
    This theme is probably the most fun and may include anything from sexy lingerie and risque gag gifts, to more useful items like small travel kits, sunscreen, or his-and-her flip flops. If the couple is going on a honeymoon cruise make it nautical, or pick their honeymoon destination as the decorating theme.

  • "Just for Her" Wishing Well Theme
    Make the bride feel special and pampered with gifts she'll love, including bath and body sets, hair accessories, small bottles of perfume, makeup, or costume jewelry.

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