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Christmas at the Office
Sensible Decorating Tips

Christmas Office DecorThe holiday season brings out the dormant decorator in everyone. There's just something about passing seasonal store windows and streets lit with cheerful lights that makes you want to have that holiday feeling around you all day long.

Mixing office decor with holiday cheer can result in odd work environments. Before you go all out with your tinsel and garlands, make sure your work space holiday decorations will meet with the approval of your coworkers and boss.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when decorating your cubicle for the holidays:

1. Dust bunnies don't look like snowballs, so clean your workspace before and after you decorate for the holidays.

2. An eight foot Christmas tree probably won't fit in a 6' x 6' cubicle and neither will a life-size sculpture of Rudolph. Make sure your decorations are limited to your space and that you still have room to work productively.

3. Despite the fact that decorating for the holidays is probably more interesting than anything your boss could throw at you, keep yourself out of the line of "fire" and decorate your workspace before or after your work day.

4. Green isn't just for Christmas trees. Be environmentally-conscious by keeping electricity usage to a minimum. Popcorn strings and candy canes might upset co-workers on strict diets and attract unwanted visitors.

5. Remember that the office is still a place of business, so resist the urge to comment on coworker's enthusiasm for the holidays, or lack thereof. Research your company's holiday decorating policy before stringing anything up...or else you might be the one on hiatus in the new year.

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