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disk driveComputer crash? No backup?

As you sit at your computer, sick at the thought of all those pictures, movies and music files that are gone... or the business information that is lost forever, it seems that there is no way to ever get it all back.

Anyone who uses a computer and doesn't do backups on a regular basis knows the feeling... or will one day. Very few computer users remember to do daily or even yearly backups. It's only when data is lost that the importance of recovering those files hits home.

Stop kicking yourself for not having prepared for the disaster, and get busy figuring out how to retrieve all those files that you need.

Even on the most damaged computer drives, there are often ways to recover the data that you stored. You may not be able to see the files, but they may still be there and there are ways to recover from the disaster.

Data recovery tips & tricks around the Web:

Around the Web, check out some of the best software, utilities, tools, services and reviews for recovering your pictures and other data and restoring your hard drive along with your sanity ...

Beginners Guides: Hard Disk Data Recovery - Hunker down for a do-it-yourself, ten-page tutorial with info on partitions, file recovery programs, test disks, lost data backup, commercial data recovery utilities and more.

File & Disk Management: Reviews and Free Downloads at - Recover documents lost to crashes, accidental deletions, and even disk formatting, with more reviews on the software that may be the solution. Free to try.

Tech Pro Data Recovery Resources - Information, reviews, how to's and recommendations for free and commercial recovery tools.

Data Recovery Info - Pages of info on what to do - and what NOT to do - when faced with disaster. Including background on electrical, water and fire damage, virus intrusion, as well as general maintenance and backup, FAQ's and related links.


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