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I love the 60s!

The 60's era evokes a grab bag of ideas for great party fun.

So put on your sandals, bell bottom jeans and tie-dye tank tops for a Swingin' 60's party, man!

Psychedelic colors, peace symbols, "flower power" messages or Austin Powers posters (groovy, baby!) would fit the bill nicely for decorations.

For the party music mix, may we suggest the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, or any one of dozens of 60's music groups that made their mark on the decade.

Or stick with the music ... and build your decorating theme around a favorite band.

60's partyThe stars of Motown or Beach Boys music make for a cool summer pool party, or you can make the British Invasion the backdrop for a fun night filled with very bad (and hilarious) Mick Jagger imitations.

On the Web, surf around for more ideas on throwing a memorable 60's theme party with additional tips & suggestions for decorations, food & drink, music, games & activities ....


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