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Offering an opportunity for games, activities and group party fun, golf parties are one of the most popular themes around for both kids & adults.

Parties hosted by miniature golf courses or putt-putt fun centers are especially easy, since many have party facilities for kids & families already prepackaged.

For do-it-yourselfers, however, there's nothing more fun (or more affordable!) than hosting a golf party you create yourself, whether its for a toddler's birthday or for a group of adult die-hard golf fanatics.

Make your own party invitations using downloadable golf clip art images and match them up with greetings such as "You're invited to the Smith Family Country Club"; "Teeing up for a great retirement!" or how about ... "It's time to par-tee!" On the inside, be sure to give your guests the location, date, and what time the party tees-off.

Decorate with posters of famous golfers or country clubs, and create your own golf flags using colorful construction paper attached to cocktail stirrers or party toothpicks.

Keep your guests supplied with "iced tee" and plenty of party snacks — or pull out all the stops with a memorable recipe for a golf party cake.

Around the Web, score a hole-in-one with more great ideas at tops sites offering more tips for do-it-yourself golf party hosts, including guides to invitations and homemade decorations, party menus & food suggestions, favors, goody bags, golfer gift ideas, and more ....

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