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Grandparents can live far away, in the same town or in the same house as family members. Some children get to see their grandparents every day, and then some might only get to see them on holidays, birthdays or special occasions like Grandparent's Day.

Family dynamics are different for everyone but usually grandparents hold a special place in the hearts of all who love them.

Giving presents is so much fun, but what do you get for your grandparents who seem to have everything they need?

When those special occasions or holidays come around it can become a little tough to find something just right. Here are some ideas that might help:

Time in a Bottle - Memories are made by spending time. This year, think of ways to spend time with your grandparents. Grandparents have a lifetime of history and experience to share. Sitting and listening to what it was like to live in the times that we can only read about is priceless. Maybe you can look through an old picture drawer together and put them in an album, sharing the stories as you go. Of course, this will be much easier if they live close to you. If your grandparents are far away, mail them a couple of prepaid calling cards to make it easier for them to call you.

Travel gifts are perfect for
grandparents on the go.


Grandparents on the Go - Although probably retired, many modern grandparents are still on the go, visiting friends and relatives or traveling to places they've always want to see. If this sounds like your grandma and grandpa, give travel gifts such as cameras or photo accessories, sunglasses, or travel bags. Travel gift baskets are also a fun idea, or for a great group gift why not buy them tickets to a dream destination?

Hallmark at Home - It can be difficult for some grandparents to keep track of all the birthdays and anniversaries as the family grows through the years. Make it fun to remember by taking the work out of it! Create a list of birthdays and anniversaries, each month on its own sheet of paper. Insert each month's list into the corresponding month's pocket of an organizer. Take it a step further by providing the correct amount of postage and appropriate greeting cards needed for each month inside the pockets.

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