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Kung Fu Panda clip artKung Fu Panda remains one of kids favorite animated movies starring Jack Black as Po the Panda.

Po, the most unlikely character, was foretold to be the Dragon Warrior, which he had dreamed of being his entire life, much to the dismay of anyone who knew him.

A wonderful tale of developing one's inner strength also happens to be terrifically funny. Children of all ages connected with Po the Panda and could be seen pretending to be kung fu fighting days later!

Kung Fu Panda is a great theme for a birthday party because it is suitable for girls and boys. Make it more feminine by focusing on ancient Chinese decorations or more boyish by focusing on the martial arts aspect of the movie.

Kung Fu Panda Party Decorations

  • Look for posters at local shops or online. Keep a special eye out for Crane (Master Crane), snake (Master Viper), monkey (Master Monkey), praying mantis (Master Mantis), and tiger (Master Tigress) posters or pictures to hang up on walls and doors.

  • For a more feminine touch, add some paper lanterns, handheld fans, and paper umbrellas for drinks.

Kung Fu Panda Party Games & Activities

  • Chinese jump rope is a great game for hours of fun. You can keep the steps simple for younger children or step it up for older kids.

  • Depending on your budget, you can hire someone to come in and teach the kids a little kung fu!

  • Instead of breaking wood with your hands, use straws. Wrap one end of a straw around the pointer on your right hand and the other end on the pointer of the left hand. Face your partner and let him or her try to break it by flicking it with their finger (either middle or pointer works best.)

  • Have a sheet of paper with the Chinese alphabet and the English alphabet on it for the kids to use as a reference. Lay out the markers, crayons, or pencils and let the kids figure out how to write their name, or any word, in Chinese. Again, provide plenty of paper!

easy panda cupcakes
Easy Panda Cupcakes

Kung Fu Panda Party Foods and Favors

  • The obvious choice? Chinese food with chopsticks! Noodles or fried rice are kids' favorites, but make sure to find out if any of your guests have any allergies to shellfish or nuts, common ingredients in most Chinese foods.

  • In your party bags send home a bamboo back scratcher, some chopsticks, and some temporary Chinese tattoos. Don't forget the candy!


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