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Scavenger hunt mapThat "old-fashioned" party game is now making a comeback at parties everywhere as a new generation discovers how and why scavenger hunts originally began : they're fun!

Scavenger hunts are the perfect team-building exercise at an off-site company meeting, a great ice-breaker to get guests mingling, or even a fun activity at a teen slumber party.

How to plan a scavenger hunt

Similar to an Easter egg hunt, (or a Survivor Party ) participants are usually assigned a list of things to find that are hidden around the house, in the backyard or in some cases....for miles around!

The best treasure hunters are those who come back with the most "loot", but the object of the most enjoyable hunt is to simply make friends and have fun.

Ideas are only limited to your imagination and, with a little planning, can be tailored to a college campus or classroom scavenger hunt, ,a pirate party treasure hunt, a Halloween scavenger hunt, a romantic Valentine's Day scavenger hunt, a Christmas party, or any occasion where friends or family gather to celebrate.


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