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St. Patrick's Day is a perfect excuse for exercising your creativity... with cards, crafts and so many other projects, including instructions on how to make a leprechaun trap, ways to fashion your own party centerpieces, plus a downloadable feast of easy paper cut-outs and printables.

Feeling crafty? Here's another clever do-it-yourself St. Patrick's Day decoration using construction paper, glue and scissors.

3-D Shamrock Party Decoration

You'll need:
green construction paper
string or green ribbon


Cut out two shamrocks from construction paper.

Fold one shamrock in half and use scissors to cut a slit up the center line almost to the top. Next, insert the second shamrock into the first (the one with the slit up the middle) and you've created your own 3-D shamrock mobile!

Finally, glue a piece of string to the top, or use a paper punch to make a hole and secure string to it to and hang from the ceiling.

Lucky Sprouts

Go green this St. Patrick’s Day with this all-natural party centerpiece!

You’ll need:

• Compressed sponge
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Plate
• Water cress or alfalfa seeds
• Plastic wrap

st patricks day party craftInstructions:

Draw a shamrock shape on the compressed sponge and cut out with scissors. Wet sponge to allow to expand, then place on plate and liberally sprinkle top of sponge with seeds. Cover with plastic wrap until seeds begin to sprout in a few days time…. instant Ol’ Sod!

More St. Patrick's Day craft project ideas around the Web:

Around the Web, check out more ideas for creating crafts projects with a St. Patrick's Day theme for home, school, or party decorations.

The biggest challenge will be deciding on which ones to do...

Blackwell's Best - St. Patrick's Day - A little over the top with an animated cursor and dancing leprechauns, but the wealth of links to St. Patrick's Day fun & craft ideas will have you dancing along...

St. Patrick's Day Crafts & Activities
- Plenty of rainbows to make into colorful crafts with preschool and elementary age kids - the favorite has to be the paper leprechaun marionette, from Enchanted

St. Patrick's Day Theme - Printables & Worksheets - The motherlode of educational projects, printable games and puzzles, coloring & dot-to-date pages, math worksheets and more from

Blarney Castle Cutout - Easy, printable paper cutout in PDF format with instructions, photo, and background history.

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